Friday, July 10, 2009

OK, enough of me sleeping! I've been busy with genealogy again. I think I have figured out 5 generations past walter Perry Bailey. Walter's father was Silas, Silas's father was Thomas, Thomas's father was William bailey, and william's father was a John Bailey Sr, who migrated from Scotland to VA in about 1750. They migrated from W.VA to Kentucky and then to Phillips County, Ark, via Indiana. Some of silas's kids were also born in Illinois.
The fun news is that even though we don't have a picture of Fanchon Seymour Bailey (our grandmother) but we do have a picture of one of her great grand parents. Fanchon's father was Roy Seymour, his father was Charles Seymour, and his father was Antonie. This is a picture of Antonie Seymour and his wife is Abigail Hamilton Seymour. Can you see any family resemblance? They were French Canadian. A number of French families went to Ireland in the 1600's and 1700's to escape religious persecution which flared up in France from time to time. Most of them ended up in Canada. In Canada, Simard is a very common and prominent surname in Quebec and dates back to the 1600. In the 1800's some Simard's moved to the USA (New York) to find work and they changed their names to SEYMOUR. Our's went to New York and ended up marrying a lady who is pure bred spanish from Spain, Roy's father married Nina A. Carlella. Interesting heritage. It would interesting to test our DNA and see how many cultures are represented. We are also part German and English heritage.


Mary said...

Wow! Great detective work! Thanks so much for all of the interesting information. I'd like to get some particulars to put into my PAF.

Elizabeth Waite said...

Lynn, that is a great post! It is all very interesting to me, and would love any particulars you have regarding towns and dates. Do you have an area in Scotland? Thanks for all your work.

Warriorcats said...
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